Collaborative Learning

Preparing 21st Century learners in today’s classrooms technology has saturated every aspect from teaching, to learning,  to the job market itself.  “The use of technology such as online learning requires collaboration among the students, other schools and other countries. “Technology can play a unique and vital role in cooperative learning by facilitating group collaboration, providing structure for group tasks, and allowing members of groups to communicate even if they are not working face to face” (Pitler, Hubbell, & Kuhn, 2012, p. 74). There is a wide variety of collaborative learning platforms to choose from.

Social Media

Facebook is making itself education friendly. They have a rules and guidelines for students to follow to ensure security. Students can use it as a collaboration and cooperative learning tool. It is relatively new to education social media. Google+, Twitter, Fakebook, can all be used in the same way as cooperative learning tools.

Tackk is an excellent tool in that a project can be created collaboratively in Tackk and then viewed and commented on there as well. You can also pair Tackk with Thinglink, Prezi and other applications to create phenomenal presentations.

Wikis are a great collaboration tool. Students and educators from around the world can collaborate on it. Having students create a Wiki makes them experts on the topic at hand.

Skype is also a great collaboration tool. It is one I have used many times not only across campuses, but across country as well. With a webcam and microphone students can see and speak to each other one on one or as a class.

Twitter can be used as a student or teacher. I use it more myself. I have found it helpful to collaborate with educators in order to keep up with new technology or new things being done with existing technology. Up to the minutes tweets keep me informed so I know what to use for what lesson.


Simulation/Game Based Learning

Minecraft ( MMORP games are a great way to provide a collaborative experience in the classroom. Minecraft can be used with Tackk, and Thinglink. Minecraft players can interact and collaborate.  To learn more about using Mine craft in the classroom  go to this link

World of Warcraft (

This site has information on many different MMORPG’s and how they can be used in the classroom. All of the materials are included.  Go to this link


Pitler, H., Hubbell, E. R., & Kuhn, M. (2012). Using technology with classroom instruction that

            works (2nd ed.). Alexandria, VA: ASCD.


  1. Jennifer Terrell says:


    I love the idea of using game based learning in the classroom. Have you used Minecraft or similar games in your classroom? If so, in what ways have you used it? Thanks for including the links for using online games in the classroom. I can’t wait to explore them further.

    Jennifer Terrell

  2. Jennifer,
    Minecraft is one of my students favorites. They love to build and create with it and then plug it into other applications. Honestly I didn’t get started full steam until late in the year. I hate to admit it, but I let my team’s lack of interest in technology hold me back. The last six weeks of school I did every thing I could possibly do with technology.